Moving the steeringbox and repairing the chassis

We lifted up the chassis with a forklift by 1.8 metre.  To fit a Range Rover steeringbox we have to cut a little piece out of the chassisrail. Here it is. ;-) John has made a little dummy chassisrail. So we can test if it will work the way we want it to. 4
5 To change it from RHD to LHD the steeringrelay has to be moved to the other side as well Drilling a new hole for the relay. A new hole and a steel pipe will fit the relay on the left hand side of the front crossmember.
We take a little time to check the relay. Most time we lost with searching for the parts of the relay after the spring jumped out ;-) Another job finished! The only rotten places in the chassis are in the rear bumper where the plates are double. That's the way we do things around here!
All rotten metal is removed. The inside is still perfect after 27 years. Have look at all the paint Land Rover has used on the inside of the chassis ;-) New parts kept in place with magnetic tools. The right hand side is finished. On the bumper you can see the parts we have cut out and renewed.. Arend did a great job there! The powersteeringbox is in place.
The chassis is restyled to its orginal look.