Starting the V8 diesel engine... wow.... what a sound!

We made a bracket to fit a new kick-down cable from the autobox to the dieselpump Finishing the plumbing ;-) We have also fitted a small (the black one) oilcooler for the powersteering That's looking good ;-)
Bolted the new winchbumper on the chassis... perfect fit and looking good too ! Monday this week we have started the V8 diesel engine.... wow... what power, what a sound! But.... after 10 minutes the engine stalls and the water start to boil..... Result: failed headgasket.... That means a lot of work again! But: also the possilbilty to paint the covers in Stratos Blue... .....what an idea! All the bolts, rockershafts and other stuff in order to put them back  in the same order as they came out.
Big holes! DSC00858