Starting with the electrics

After a period of rest we started with the electrics.  Controlcenter! Place for 10 relais and 30 fuses. The must be enough. The original 101 had only 4 fuses ;-) The wooden backplate will be changed for a blue aluminium one. We decided that al the relays, fuses and wiring will be placed behind the drivers seat. High and dry! Plenty of wires! We've choosen for multicable with numbered wires, so we can make a good documentation of it. My friend Kees is the specialist here! First of all we have to find things out. Making a diagram of the standard Defender switches.
For the main power we use a heavy duty relais, so not al the power goes through the ignition switch. The colored wires of the switches for lights, wipers etc. goes over in black numbered wires. A big puzzle and a lot of writing ;-) A 34 strand multicable runs behind the dash. Cables for rear and front lights go through the chassis.
The cable for the instruments DSC00981 DSC00984 DSC00993