Install the handbrake and the Milemarker 2-speed winch

Install the brandnew Milemarker H12 hydralic 2-speed winch behind the bbq-grill Maxidrive pto pump fitted to the LT230 gearbox Oiltank for the hydralic winch under the car From left to right: air-handbrakecylinder, airtank and the oiltank
Electronics for high/low gears, difflock, handbrake and pto... .....and music ;-) Homemade electronic receiver for wireless winch operations We put a dashboardpanel in front of the heater. Switches for pto, gears and handbrake and a unit for airpressure  Wooden plate before the heater will be replaced by a aluminium version
Homemade bracket for the handbrake cable Picture from the handbrake cylinder, taken from under the car Topview from the controlvalve of the hydrolic Milemarker winch Hydrolics hoses
Air storage