Removing and cleaning the loadingtray

DSCF0003 Cleaning the 101. Most of the 200 layers paint are blown off. ;-) Cleaning up! Cleaning the 110 as well. It was taken out for a little off-roading trip at the Maasvlakte. A lot of mud :-)
DSCF0004 In the BTL building. Stripping further and further.... There goes the loadingtray. DSCF0008
Is this the front or the back? 10 Points for the wright answer! On the right side you can see the 90 Project. Arend's old 90 burnt to the ground, so we are building a new one. In 2 weeks it will be finished! Pushing it out for some more cleaning. DSCF0012
The underside of the loadingtray. Transport to the garage is waiting Finally home! Not much room. A lot of pushing it around the next day's :-(